Saturday, September 11, 2010

We're gonna play a game...

Disclaimer: This is another one of my many life crisis posts. I'll get over it soon enough. Sorry.

Its called tell CarolAnn what to do with her life.

I really do enjoy having the ability to chose what I want to do with my life. I appreciate the fact that I have complete control over my future and what my life will hold but honestly sometimes I wish that I could give that power to someone else.

Sometimes I wish that I could give a blood sample and the computer would tell me what I was destined to become because sometimes, I can't handle the stress of choosing on my own.

I am really excited to major in psychology and am even more excited to explore the options of evolutionary anthropology but then I think that perhaps I'm better suited for genetics, or neuroscience, or music, or a plethora of other major options.

What I think it all comes down to is my sense of stability and even though I feel that I will be fine majoring in these fields, there is such a sense of the unknown and in this economy the unknown looks mighty grim.

I worry that the major decisions I make today will have my living off of my parents tomorrow.

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