Wednesday, August 31, 2011

College Take 3

So college is starting up again tomorrow. I moved my friend Frankie in today, which was a little bizarre - I kinda forget what it feels like to be a freshman, but I am so excited for him. I can't wait to see what he thinks of Rutgers (I know he'll love it). I think Junior year is going to be pretty good, I've finally decided on a major (Ecology) and I'm applying to a masters program in the spring (Sustainable Business). Holy Guacamole don't I feel old. I have to take physics this year, not to excited about that but I'll push through. I'm also taking a few ecology classes (soil and wetland) a disease course and a course about bugs. I think it's overall a pretty good schedule. As always, I've overpacked my schedule with extra curriculars. This is my first semester as a "brother" in my fraternity and i'm also in Student for Environmental Awareness (SEA), the Bhatki Yoga Club and I was appointed Head of Communications on the Douglass Sustainability Committee. I'm excited for that last one, but a little nervous, I've never had a leadership position in college before, it will definitely be an experience! As promised (from a long time ago) here are some pictures from my room =].
One wall with all the books I won't have time to read and my dresser
My Bed! With pictures of various nature shots (note the fine crafted side table)
Where all the magic happens, my desk. Yay for double windows.
Finally my nameless fish (chose a name?) and his new tank mates. I'm not sure if he's happy about all the extra room in the new tank or sad that he has to share it now with some other finned friends. So that's my life in a nut shell. I'll try to be better at updating and will give an update on classes once they start!