Thursday, May 5, 2011

School's Out for the Summer...kinda

Ah! I can not believe that I am (almost) officially done with half of my college career. Insane. I loved my sophomore year at college. I've done lots of soul searching (with lots to come in the future) and am very excited to see what the second half of my college career entails.

Get ready for an unordered, mismatched number of paragraphs

If any of you looked at my facebook about a month ago you wold have saw that I was considering going into the education field after graduation. I still am, but probably not high school. I'm pretty dead set on the idea of getting my masters in college student affairs right after graduation and working in administration/admissions/academic advising for a college some where. I am still toying with the idea of vet school but at this point in my life if I wanted to complete all of the requirements, I'd have to stay at Rutgers another year (not necessarily a bad thing) but because I will most likely get funding for my masters aka it will be free (or if I go to UVM i'll actually make 15000 a year), it makes more sense for me to get my masters in two years rather than stay and extra just for a bachelors. One of the biggest benefits of working at a college is that I would have access to all of the classes so should I want to go back to school after my masters to complete vet-school prerequisite I'm pretty sure it would be fairly easy to do.

I went to Vermont for a few days to meet up with friends and view the naked bike ride. It was fun. A little weird to be back there and know the ins and outs of the school but not really belong there. It was good to see UVM from a different perspective though, after spending a year at Rutgers I can definitely see the beauty in it, much more than I could when I left. I have always said that I would like to go back and live in Burlington for a bit when I'm older - but I think that the hustle and bustle (and shootings?) of Rutgers suits me better for these crazy college years.

I'm getting an apartment this summer and living there next year. I have a single room but I am sharing the house with 6 other girls. It's walking distance to cook campus. I'm excited but a little worried, I feel like this is the first step to big-girl life and that's a little scary. I'm really excited to start to make habits that will stick with me throughout my life. I really want to try and get into morning meditation I think i'll make that habit number one. The biggest challenge for me will be to not acquire a pet. Luckily one girl is bringing a cat and another is adopting a puppy so hopefully my need to animals will be quenched. I'm going to being my beta fish as well but I can see that its going to very tempting to go down to the shelter and bring home a new best friend...

I joined a co-ed honors, service, agricultural fraternity this semester. I still can not believe that I am a member of greek life, let alone a fraternity but everyone in Alpha Zeta is pretty awesome and it gave me a sense of grounding that I needed in such a big school. Still, I wake up on wednesdays, put on my letters and just look at myself in amazement - I don't really know how it happened, it was just kind of a whirlwind of gatherings and 3 months later I was a brother - weird. Definitely a ton of fun though and I've met a bunch of great people and I think that I'll get great opportunities from it. Its just a matter of accepting the fact that I am indeed, a brother. Too weird.

I'm not sure if anything else all too exciting happened recently

Here's my blog for Rutgers. If I missed anything it should be in there.

I'll be home from the May 12-30 and I want to see people!