Friday, January 1, 2010

While I wait for my Chinese food I think I will write a blog.

First and Foremost:
I spent my New Years in the City with my best friend Serena. We met in fifth grade (and I hated her) then she moved to Florida in 7th grade and we've been best buds ever since. She goes to AMDA (American Musical Dramatic Academy) and is an aspiring actor. I give her props - thats a tough field. A few months ago she proposed the idea of spending New Years together. I was given the opportunity of a free night in the city and I simply couldn't pass it up. The plan was to see a show then watch the ball drop and then chill with her friends for a bit however once we realized that after midnight I wouldn't be allowed back in the building the plans changed. I figured it was better to be inside during the countdown then have to sleep on the streets for a night (although that probably would have been a wonderful adventure) so we spent the night just hanging with her friends in their dorms (which was actually an old dilapidated apartment building) and had a blast. At one point we headed to central park and had a snow ball fight but I was paranoid about having a place to sleep so we went back fairly quickly. After the ball dropped, the boys hung half of themselves out of the window 8 stories up and cheered for about 10 minutes and we all hung out some more before ending the night at 3AM.

It was so neat, since all of the people at AMDA are artsy majors "hanging out" consists of blasting music and belting harmonies. Everyone there trumped me but I tried to keep up. I was so happy to be around artsy musical people again.

Today Serena and I woke up at 9AM so that I could catch the 10:11 train home but I ended up spending the day in the city with her. I went for a little walk around the block alone in the morning and realized just how beautiful the city can be. I never experienced residential New York before, only touristy New York and I was surprised with how much I loved it. So much so that I'm going to look up some colleges I can transfer to in the city. After my little escapade, we saw Strawberry Fields, and spent hours in the Natural History Museum. It was an absolutely wonderful day and I was so happy to spend it with such a good friend.

As far as new years resolutions are concerned, I have a few.
  1. Only eat when I am actually hungry.
  2. Get more involved on Campus.
  3. Ace 3/4 classes (I can't ask to much of chemistry)
  4. Get into some schools and weigh my options
One last thing, it's so neat to think that some of the people I spent New Years with will one day be famous actors/singers/producers. I really hope that one day I can tell people that not only did I know that person, I celebrated 2010 with him/her.
Its going to be a good year.

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  1. DO IT...i <3 new york. Check out Marymount Manhattan. My friend Dani goes there and loves it.