Friday, May 21, 2010

Take the Money and Run

My psychology professor taught me that it is wiser to spend money on vacations with friends and family then it is to spend money on physical objects. He explained that while the luster of physical objects diminish over time, vacations get more pleasant each time we visit them.

I sure hope he is right.

In the month of June I will be in New Jersey for all of 9 days. I am taking a week to go to the Outer Banks, a week to go to Florida, and a week to go to Virginia Beach. My bank account is looking mighty slim and I can only hope that this fall, when I am up to my ears in school work, cursing the gods of organic chemistry and gazing at my empty wallet I will look back on all of these vacations and remember how much fun I had =]


  1. I think the traveling will be worth it. I hope it will, because I will be in similar circumstances next year. haha

  2. professor=genius. I try my hardest to spend all of my money on experience over things. (Though I do like a good knee length skirt or yummy cupcakes). I have yet to ever regret buying an experience but have much buyers regret over stuff that seemed cool. Enjoy!