Saturday, July 10, 2010

Loss of Wisdom

On Tuesday I had four teeth ground up and yanked from my skull. My wisdom teeth are out and I can officially say that I have less wisdom now then I did when they were in.



I had a paper due Thursday. The due date was kindly extended to Monday yet I just can't get around to writing it. I'm in a writing funk. I simply don't want to write.

Excuses used to not write the paper organized by date:
Friday (7/2) - Today is my day off, certainly I can not write on my day off.
Saturday (7/3) - I have to prepare recipes for a 4th of July BBQ and spend time with my family because soon I will have surgery and could possibly die.
Sunday (7/4) - It is a national holiday! Plus I have to make a cherry pie, biscuits, pasta salad and roasted broccoli. I am getting a kitten today, I can not be a good mother and write a paper at the same time.
Monday (7/5) - My father is off of work and I don't have class. Clearly I am not supposed to work today. The kitten is crying, I have to feed it. Look at how cute the kitten, awe. I am getting surgery tomorrow, I must enjoy my possible last day of life and make a peach and blueberry cobbler in order to show my family how much I love them.
Tuesday (7/6) - Surgery + Novocaine + Percocets= me trying to use American Sign Language to tell my mother that I can't feel my tongue (she doesn't sign at all and I can only spell)
Wednesday (7/7) - Pain
Thursday (7/8) - Pain + "Bethany's Getting Married?" marathon.
Friday (7/9) - Pain + "The City" marathon
Saturday 7/10) - I feel good today! Lets make pancakes and invite the Grandparents over for brunch! Awe look at how big my kitten has gotten I must cuddle with him. Hey my daddy's home from Utah! Pain, "The Office" Marathon.


  1. I think you meant 7 instead, of 8 lol...either that or your paper is reallyyyyyyyyy late

  2. You are partially right, I meant 7 instead of 6 =]