Thursday, August 26, 2010


OO-Rah OO-Rah Rutgers-Rah
Up Stream Red Team, Red Team Up Stream
Rah-Rah- Rutgers Rah

Its strange to think that this time last year I was traveling six hours north for college and this year I'm driving one hour south. As excited as I am, its weird to kinda be somewhere in the middle between the doe-eyed freshman and the callused upper-classmen - I'll figure it out soon enough though. Everyone I've ever spoken to who was acquainted with Rutgers loved it so I am sure that I will do the same.

So far things look perfect:

My parents don't seem to mind my major change.
I'm really excited for my classes - all of them.
As far as I know my roommate seems really great (maybe we'll actually talk this year, crazy right?).
I'm auditioning for the choirs on the 31st.
I have an idea of what I want to get involved in.
I am an official Rutgers Student Blogger (I'll post a link later).
And I have a paying job doing something that I don't think I'll detest.

I just worry that all of this looks perfect in my little fantasy world and won't actually work once I come crashing down to earth. We shall see.

My first task of Rutgers life is fitting everything I need into my little 2 door Honda Civic, because now since I'm so close to home my parents don't find it necessary to see me off. Here goes nothing.

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