Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Meaning Behind the Blog

Very simply put:
Existentialism-the belief that humans have complete control over their lives. 
Determinism-the belief that a higher power has complete control over human life.

Well I don't really believe in either. What I do believe is that we are all destined to die (Thank you English class) and the fact that we make constant decisions that will eventually lead us there.  
So anyway this is a blog about the choices I choose to make and the lessons I (hopefully) learn along the way.  In all truthfulness this is also a blog because my English teacher and some of my classmates (who I seemingly want to stalk) have one and because I was bored on a Sunday afternoon. 

Quick Update:
6/19 - I became an alumni at JTHS 
6/21-6/23 - Trip to Burlington Vermont for my college orientation. Met some great people and fell back in love with the University of Vermont. I also picked up a double major in English. I figure, well I actually don't know what I was thinking other than Stephen King is speaking at UVM next year and English majors get an up close and personal visit - sounds as good of a reason as any to me. 
6/24-6/26 - Went to Annapolis and Baltimore Maryland with the family. Rode on a schooner, ate to much crab, went to an aquarium. It was good family bonding time but I'm pretty set for awhile. 
6/27-6/28 - Opened this blog! Grad parties galore. 

Future prospects: 
6/29 - The Last Supper at Frankies! 
6/30-7/2 - LBI at Emily's shore house with coffey, frank, ryan, and eddie.
7/2 (later) - BBQ and fire 


  1. Stephen King...You must keep me posted! I will "visit you" (aka..go see King).