Thursday, July 2, 2009

These past two days I have been on Long Beach Island with three boys and a girl all aged 16-18 Here is what I learned:

1. If you are in a car alone with three boys they will take control of the music and you will lose your hearing - Music on the trip ranged from head banging heavy metal, to rap, to screamo music all of which was played as loud as my poor little civic could handle. Imagine a car literally packed with white kids blasting Afroman's "Colt 45" while driving down a predominantly rich white neighborhood , we got many looks of contempt as we ruined a whole bunch of old ladies naps.

2. Be straight with boys and they will be straight with you - I had an amazing heart to heart with my guys and loved it. I shared, they shared, life is great.

3. Jumping in the ocean will leave whole shells in your bathing suit - 'nuff said.

4. Generally the object of a vacation is to make you happy if this is the case don't see "My Sister's Keeper" - absolutely wonderful movie , I will watch it again and again and cry every single time but that's the problem it was a bit of a downer.

5. Mini-golf can become a very competitive contact sport - When five people are trying to get five golf balls in one hole at one time noses may bleed and feeling may be hurt. Expect it.

6. Not every ice-cream place is as nice and friendly as the J-Dairy - the ice-cream workers down there were nasty each and every one of them.

7. When playing slots, the combination 7/3cherries/7 makes 300 tickets come out, this takes an incredible amount time. People will gawk (even though we only won tickets) and when it happens twice the guards begin to look at you funny. It also seems that no matter how many tickets you win the prizes are always crap. For example we won over 2000 tickets and we won a deck of cards and a paper chinese checker board.

8. It gets very hot when you and two others sleep on a pull out couch, especially when they play the "push CarolAnn off the bed game"

9. If ever offered a few days stay at a beach house with friends take it. I have to say, I laughed a whole lot on this trip and pretty much enjoyed every moment of it. I really do love my boys. Now it is time to go find a hearing aid.


  1. I read "be straight with boys" as "be with straight boys" the first time around, not gonna lie.

    "My Sister's Keeper" looks so over-the-top, I don't know if I want to see it. Speaking of movies, I still have "Smart People." =P

  2. Why thank you, I think I am very friendly as a matter of fact. And yeah, we all know...pull out couches with boys = bitch.