Friday, August 7, 2009

Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah

When I was looking at schools, a big part of my decision on who to pay $40,000 a year to was the availability of undergraduate research. No one topped UVM. They have an amazing program for undergraduates to work along professors, do real research, and even get their name published. I won't lie, a very convincing factor for me happened at an admitted students day when the biology professor said that he had undergraduates working in the Bahamas right now (winter break) just watching the behavior of lizards. Oh and they were being paid - doesn't get much better than that right? So basically since then I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to get involved and start some research of my own.

Well guess who just got a mentor? Me! Basically I applied, and within a week a professor at the medical college let me know that she would be interested in mentoring me and wants to meet for coffee when I come campus in only 15 short days. Holy smokes. I am seriously almost turning into Sarah, that's how excited I am right now. Basically the deal is, we meet and discuss what I want to do (her focus is in neurology) then I just kind of watch her for a bit, little by little I should get more responsibility and eventually do some research of my own. So yeah I'm stoked. Oh another plus, did I mention that she's works at the university's med school (our med school is sixth in the nation - little bit of catamount pride). This is good because I have been playing with the idea that next summer I could go with UVM's MEDLIFE program to South America and give basic medical treatment to people that need it (playing with the idea means I plan to do this but I have to convince the parents to send me to a third world country). Anyway perhaps with an in at the med school, I will have a better chance at getting into the program.

So yeah, I'm already piling things into my schedule. I have a feeling that I'll be cursing myself in a little while but for now I am so excited to be busy again.


  1. I would try to help you figure out a way to get to South America but i doubt the entire continent would fit into your closet...sorry =(

  2. Hahaha, yeah I don't think so. If however I need to figure out a way to smuggle something small back from South America to the USA I will give you a call guaranteed.

  3. You do not want to turn into me, because then you would be heavily medicated. (Kidding!) ;)