Saturday, September 19, 2009

Who are these guys?

Last night after service my friends and I went to a dance party in the basement of Slade Hall. Slade Hall has a co-op with UVM farms and the people who live there grow and cook all of their own food, which is a pretty neat. I had considered living there so I was really excited to see what it was like. I previously thought that the GreenHouse was where all the hippies lived, I was wrong. Slade is where the real hippies live. I walked down stairs and you could cut the cloud of body oder with a knife. Other than that though it was a really cool time. The band that was playing did not have any lyrics they just jammed out (all half naked) and the crowd of people dancing (also half naked) were just rocking to the music and swinging their dreds. It was a really interesting feeling. I've been to local shows before but they were always very intense and mosh pits usually formed - this was so chill and just laid back. Really neat.

This morning I woke up and found out that my neighbors across the hall, Michael and Julian, had these guys who were in a band touring the country sleeping in their room. I don't think that I have ever considered allowing people that I don't know sleep with me, but I guess they needed a place to stay and Michael was either nice or high enough (maybe both) to let them stay with them. As we speak he is going to the grocery store to buy them some food so that after their show tonight at radio-bean they have something to eat on their travels. A girl on my floor, Sophie, gave them a bag of her mom's homemade granola- my Jersey skepticism makes me immediately think that they are up to no good but I am slowly learning that people aren't always going to hurt you.

Today we are all headed down to the farmer's market in Burlington and then are going to go for a walk along the lake. Its going to be a very outdoorsey day - which i'm really excited about. And tonight at 6 we are going to Radio-Bean to see the two guys that slept on our floor play their instruments. Again nothing I never thought I would do yet here I am doing it. College is Great.

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  1. Lmao my Jersey skepticism totally kicked in there too.