Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Times They are a Changin'

So since my break down with chemistry I have been thinking a lot about change. Just for some clarification I got an 82 on the last test so I am no longer thinking about the 44. As long as I get a C in the class I will be happy - which is totally doable, I might even crank out a B.

Anyway, back to change. During the period of my freak out I was considering different majors, psychology being the main one and now I am considering different schools all together. I do love UVM I love the location and I love the people but one of the things that I love about it, one of the things that drew me to it, is also the thing that I don't like about it and that is how laid back it is. I am a very driven student. If you know me I would assume you know that I set goals and I dedicate copious amounts of time to achieve them. The people that I've met up here, although very intelligent, do not have the same drive that I do and that puts me in quite a pickle.

To study or not to study, that is the question.

I won't lie, I enjoy studying. For one thing, its alone time, which I can always use more of, but other then that, I simply like to learn - I love when things come together and I love to watch myself put stuff together. Studying= good. Unfortunately many people up here do not have the same idea and its difficult to both balance a personal life and get good grades when all your friends are in the hall chatting and you really need/want to study. I don't like to feel like I am isolating myself but I am starting to get that sensation. I feel like I need to be at a school where the students learn for the sake of learning, and not just because they have to. For me, learning comes before partying and frankly, I enjoy it more, so I'm looking for a college with the same values.

That being said, I realize that I have not met all 12,000 people on campus and I am sure that there are some very intellectual people on campus that I have yet to find I just don't want to search for them. I was so excited to get out of high school because I was excited to be surrounded by the people in my AP classes all the time and I don't feel like that's happening. When I went to Cornell I felt that I could learn from all the people around me and I didn't have to search for those people they were just there. Here, I don't get that same vibe and I don't really want to be the minority again like I was in high school. Maybe I'm just lazy.

When I was looking for colleges I ignored liberal arts schools which I am beginning to think was a mistake. The only liberal arts school I did look at was Reed College in Oregon and (sorry mom) it was poo-pooed by my mother because it was not a research institution. I loved Reed because of the student's drive to learn. Classes are difficult but the students are surrounded by others who are going through the same difficulties and they are all driven enough to overcome them. I need that drive. When I applied to colleges I made the mistake of not applying to any reach schools. This left me with the feeling that I could have done better then UVM and I really won't be able to rest until I know if I can or not. Now I am looking at other liberal arts schools like Reed where learning is the main priority - these schools are also pretty difficult to get into so hopefully by applying as a transfer I'll kill to birds with one stone. I need to do a bit more research but there is a good possibility that I will apply to transfer for next fall semester.

Here's a list of colleges I'm considering:
Reed College
Wesleyan University - they have this great Neuroscience and Behavioral major (combo of psych and bio)
Skidmore College - they focus on making their students creative learners (something I always thought was important) and also have a Neuroscience major
Cornell - although not a liberal arts school I have credits there so I might as well apply and see if I get's pushing for this one.

Now here's what I ask of you all of my smarmey readers (aka AP English class and a few of my mom's friends) are there any other colleges you can think of that would give me the same intellectual stimulus as AP English did where the students are as committed to learning as I aspire to be and at the same time have a personality?


  1. I'm going to email you, because apparently my comment is too long to post. It's to your optonline and covers LACs in the philly area, everything bad I've ever heard about Reed, various other stereotypes, and some other fun facts.

  2. I run into the same problem...I really like it here though It's just that I haven't made any really dorky friends yet and no one understands my fettish with the James Joyce pub.

    But hey, my college is really cool and international and has my major and 5 year masters program ANDDD has a castle so shabam, I'm a happy camper. My friends also care about partying FAR more than I do but i think that no matter what college you go to, you'll encounter people like that. Also, you have to realize that as freshman people are far more into getting wasted all the time just because they dont live at home. For most people, it loses its novelty. But I want to come visit you soon lol =).

  3. CarolAnn,
    If you need anything, let me know. Perhaps hanging out in the library or by an honors dorm will help kick things up a notch?
    And I'm so proud of your desire for smarminess.
    Ms. D

  4. Thanks! I will be coming for a visit some time over winter break so we can talk then =]