Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Body Works in Mysterious Ways

I am a foodie through and through.

I love to eat. I love flavors and textures, and I love the community aspect of eating. I put love into my cooking and I love to see people enjoy something that I've made. I love food.

Unfortunately I can't eat.

My wisdom teeth are coming in and it hurts. I really can't chew on one side of my mouth. It hurts to move my tongue. I don't want to take medication, and I can't get them removed until June. Humph.

I never have been one to lose weight when sick. My mom told me that when she got her tonsils out she lost 10 pounds because she simply couldn't eat. I gained 10 pounds because I continued to eat and all I ate was ice cream and mashed potatoes. I love to eat. And so, it is very much out of my character to have completely lost my appetite. I have to remind myself to grab something before class. Even now, its 12:40 pm and I haven't eaten a crumb - honestly I'm not even hungry.

I can only assume that my body is somehow protecting me from the pain of eating by not allowing me to get hungry. And I wonder - am I starving? I have no idea. I certainly don't feel hunger pains - but I know that I am consuming many less calories then I was previous to the excruciating pain that is my lower left jaw.

I know I should eat- I just don't want to.

Let me know if I start to whither away will you?


  1. Bikini here you come! Yay outer banks!!!!

    and ps: yes i am aware that that was the most shallow unhelpful advice ever but when you get depressed about not eating I day just look at it that way =)

  2. Is there any way you could get them removed earlier?

  3. No. I would do it in may but i'm going to the outer banks soon after i come home, and i don't want to be recovering while in school. I honestly wrote this on a bad day - they're a bit better now =]