Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A New Start, A New Country, A New Life?

I never know what I want.

If you spoke to me a few months ago I would have told you about how I am to far away from home, that I miss my family, and that I want to be able to attend my grandparent's birthday parties. Which is all fine and good when I am at home and surrounded by family.

When I am home, I want to be home, but when I am away, I am not so sure.

Around 2 'oclock this morning I was doing what I do best, fretting about the future, and during this time I happened to look up the Massey Vet School in New Zealand which, if I decide to go to vet school, is the school I have always wanted to go to and get this: I can start vet school next year. The program is a five year science intensive program that anyone can basically start anytime after high school and at the end of it I would be able to be a vet in New Zealand, Australia, England America and more.

Its got me thinking, why be close when I can be far, far away?

It is just as appealing to me to be close as it is to be so far away that I would have to schedule phone calls. I want to be a critical part of my family but at the same time not worry about the limitations that family brings. If I was miraculously placed on this planet with out connections or people to hold me back I would be gone in a heartbeat. But that's not me. I have school plays to go to, and birthday cakes to bake. I really enjoy doing these things but sometimes I wonder what it would be like to just do what I want to do, to have my own life without school plays and birthday cakes.

I think that part of growing up is developing your own lifestyle, so what if mine is in New Zealand? Unfortunately if I decide that it is in New Zealand, I won't get to share my life with those who love me, and how do I know if i've grown up if I don't have anyone comparing me to who I used to be?

So what to do? For now I am going to wait it out and see what schools accept me as a transfer. If I get in to Cornell or Wesleyan I think that I need to complete my degree there before moving on to bigger and better things, BUT if I go to Rutgers then there is a good possibility that you'll be seeing another post about a whole new change in scenery some time next year.


  1. wow.

    More soon. I have much to say on this topic (I write as though the opinion matters).

    For now, I offer this advice - you need to watch Flight of the Conchords.

    I promise it connects.

  2. I say go to New Zealand. And if you don't like New Zealand, come home. ;)